Red Baron a.k.a. Harri Rajaniemi

My cycling career got started in June 2010. The spark for the growing flame was actually ignited by my second, at that time still unborn son. I realized I was seriously out of shape and decided to do something about it. I promised myself to be in the best shape ever by my 40th birthday later that same year. I tried several things and finally decided to purchase a new bicycle.

During summer 2011 I took a quantum leap with my new hobby. I purchased a crank based power meter. That really opened my eyes about my strengths and weaknesses and eventually turned my gaze to track cycling. A year later, 2012, I finally tipped my toes in the water and tried the track. It hit me like a sledge hammer. I felt right at home!

Manchester 2015This blog is a collection of lessons learned while traveling through the track cycling jungle. It has been a learning process, which still continues. This is something to keep in mind when reading the older posts. In any case, I hope this blog offers the reader some insight to this wonderful sport and maybe even help you in avoiding some of the pits I myself have fallen into.

This is a story about track cycling, one master class track cyclist, and about his journey towards the great unknown.


  • Age 45
  • Proud father of two small boys.
  • 95 kg (+-2kg), 180 cm
  • More than two decades of experience in weight training.

2 thoughts on “Background

  1. Interesting. I’m 43, background in rugby and athletics (discus) and just starting as a track sprinter. Good to see that your previous weights training is an advantage; I hope my strength from 30+ years of rugby and discus training will help me too. The tough part over the last year has been shedding some weight from 102 kgs down to 90. I tried road racing a few times but realized that the one thing that suits me is really what I have always done: short explosive work. I’ll be racing this winter in Holland and I will keep folloqqing the blog as you are a couple of years further into track racing. Look forward to seeing (and beating) you some day at world or euro masters;-)

    • Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your comment! Good to get new faces to the sport!
      You know, the extra weight I was carrying around was actually the thing that got me on a bike in the first place. I did road for the first two years and went as low as 87kg, the skinniest I’ve been since my early 20s! Now I’m at about 96kg, squat like a beast and do not worry about my weight that much. With all the training it kinda takes care of itself. Also having all this mileage there is only so much you can do about it.
      Looking forward to seeing you in the Worlds!

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