Back in the saddle

It has been good 3 months since Worlds and it seems certain my next competition will not happen until sometime next summer. At the moment it feels like a blessing. I’m struggling with my motivation for training. Life outside the track has drawn my attention. The Real Life.

After Manchester I took a 3 week break from all training. While very much needed to heal the multiple sores, it still was not long enough. The hard hit to the greater trochanter of my right tibia was causing issues, mainly at the insertion and top section of vastus lateralis. The muscle, tendons and the ITB were chronically tight. So instead of rushing into my “usual” SPP cycle I tried to listening to what my body was telling me and building things slow. Well, in all honesty this was not what I had in mind.

During the past several weeks I’ve managed roughly 4 training sessions per week. Getting back to gym has been the easy part, I’ve done more squatting than I have in years! Getting back on the bike… not so easy. From now on I will try to pick up more speed. If not in my training, then at least in writing. Hopefully that will help me in getting out of this slump!


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