Ever since I read Ray’s (The DC Rainmaker) article about the coming SRM PC8 and the related iOS application I’ve been anxious to get my hand on one. Last week, after a long wait, I finally got the opportunity to get a closer look.

SRM PC8The Powercontrol has been on my shopping list since I got the SRM power meter last fall. Being a technology geek of some sort the PC8 seemed like a clear upgrade from the Garmin Edge 800 I currently have. While it did not seem to offer that many features I did not have already, the iPAD application and ability to read the data on the go seemed like a really good addition. For some reason I believed the best parts of the PC7 would naturally be inluded in the new device. So I decided to wait for the PC8 to be launched.

I cannot recall the last time I have felt like a victim of highway robbery. The first thing I noticed when going through the functions of the new PC8 was that the 0,5s recording interval had been removed. By adding the support for all ANT+ power meters, SRM has adopted the standard implementation of recording intervals, which at best is now once every second.

There was also a full list of other functions that seemed to be missing. The one I cared the most was obviously the above and the iOS app. There was nothing about bluetooth or WiFi in the manuals or in the device itself. Not a word. I decided to get in touch with the SRM support team and here’s their response regarding the iOS app:

BT and with that iOS functionality are not yet released in the current firmware, but might come with future updates.

Might come with future updates… Sorry guys, not good enough. In all the PC8 looks like a flashy gadget. Feature rich? Nothing that you have not seen in the market place already. Certainly, as is, it offers very little value for track cyclist.

For me a PC7 from eBay seems like a really good plan now.


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