Garmin’s new cadence sensor

This is a quick one.

As a temporary fix to the Stages cadence problem (my previous post), I went ahead and tried the new Garmin cadence sensor to see if that could offer an interim solution to my problem. Like Stages it is based on an accelerometer. Below is a screen capture from data of a 10 sec roller rev-out. The sudden drop off in the end is a result of focusing too much on the screen of the Garmin instead of the action at hand, and dropping off from the rollers. This was not an exhaustive test, just trying out something new… which then ended back in the store.




2 thoughts on “Garmin’s new cadence sensor

  1. Was the Stages power meter still paired with the computer and was your computer actually reading the new cadence sensor?

    Apparently different computers have different priorities when given multiple streams of the same data (cadence in this case). There’s a good discussion on the DCRainmaker blog about the new Garmin sensors.

    • No it was not. I checked it from the Edge menus and took it off before doing this. So this was the cadence sensor alone.

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll check Ray’s blog. Not that I plan to go back, but just out of curiosity 😉

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