Trashed – overtraining syndrome?

For the past week I’ve been working my way back to my training routines. The preceding 5 weeks I spent in a deep and dark pit called overtraining syndrome, OTS. In this post I will share the chain of events leading to me taking a forced break.

My last full sprint session was on January 16th. I was probably half way through the session when I suddenly realized how tired I felt. Since I had just a couple more longer efforts left I through to muscle through the session and be done with it. I was doing my 15 second bout when at around 10 sec mark I hit a wall. I died like nobody’s business.

About a week or so earlier I’d started to have these strange dizzy spells. At first it was just  very mild lightheadedness, and as there had been so many things going on, I did not pay any attention to it. Now the sudden vertigo hit me like a tidal wave. My first though was “Gimme a freaking break! Now, what the hell is this?!”.

It all traced back to second week of December. I was diagnosed with Strept B. and got a 7 day prescription of antibiotics for it. I ate my pills and things started to look bright again. The following 10 days I made a steady progress in every session. On the morning of Xmas eve my 5 sec power was as at its highest point since November. I thought this was the result of easing up for the Xmas week. Maybe it was but from there onwards it was all down hill. 

The Xmas week was really hectic. We had quests coming in every day except the Eve. As if it wasn’t busy enough, our kids had caught a flu and took turns in being ill. The short nights and busy schedules took the better of me. At the end of the week I was dead tired. Getting to new year I felt I too was getting sick. My throat was a bit sore and I felt chronically tired. The first thing I did to celebrate the new year? See a doctor and get some lab work. As everything seemed ok, I resumed my training.

OvertrainingI was feeling somewhat odd, but as my labs were all clear, I pushed the feeling aside and kept training. On Saturday Jan. the 11th, 5 days before the collapse, I was feeling a bit tired when starting my sprint session. I though to take it a bit easier and stop if my feeling got any worse. In my first sprint effort I hit a new PB peak watt and the 5 sec CP was also in top 5! I was so surprised by this that I failed to pay any attention to later efforts, that were pale shadows of the first. After this my performance took a free fall. In the following two sessions I was digging myself a deeper hole.

In my next post I will talk about how I came to conclusion I had the OTS.


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