Power development, last 3 seasons

Back in October I promised to reveal how my sprint power has developed during the last 3 seasons. So here it is. 

The chart below illustrates my critical power at the end of each season, starting from 2011. The 2012 Nat is an exception and a bit of extra. It illustrates where I was before I made the change to track cycling also in training. I have included only the 1-25 seconds range as from there forward the data gets less informative. I do not have power meter in my track bike. Therefore I lack the data for the longer max efforts, Kilo and 750m TT. I have done those in competition only. Hence the 2013 power curve from 25 seconds to anything over a minute does not tell the whole story.

power development, last 3 seasonsI have explained the gray curves in my earlier posts on power development (the1st and the 2nd) and therefore I will not dig in to further details in here. In addition I have outlined the annual plan for 2013. The red critical power curve on the top of the chart is the outcome of that plan.  

The results of the last training season are quite obvious. I reached a power goal I quite frankly never though possible and learned a lot. The big question is what next? The focus for season 2014 is to get the most out of the power that I already have and ensure I have ALL that power available when I truly need it… Or should I just say

“Be a lot faster than I was last year!”


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