Trainer for track bike

Training starts during the off-season has been the biggest shortcoming this past year. The indoors training setup road bike in the LeMond Revolution trainer was not built for the brutality of the exercise. Several destroyed chainrings and a couple of snapped chains pretty much prove it. So to carry out the planned training program something had to change.

Another observation from the last season was that hours on the track bike were somewhat limited. This was partly due to the short season we always have here. The rest, well, I am only a part time cyclist, but a full time dad. So spending 1,5 hours in driving to the Velodrome and back is often better spent on a trainer or the road. Usually riding the road bike. Somehow I needed to increase the hours on the track bike.

So thinking this through I decided to make few changes: The very first was to get rid of the Tomahawk indoor bicycle. The only use I had for it were the easy day recovery rides. Mostly it was just collecting dust. The instant benefit of this, in addition to the pile of money in my pocket (didn’t stay there for long as you will see), was a happier wife. One less bicycle in the bedroom can make a big difference to a relationship!

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

So, as said I wanted increase the use of the track bike. Not only increase, I wanted to use if for training all year round! Obviously the only way to accomplish this was a new trainer as the bike did not fit in the LeMond. After scanning through various alternatives, considering different options, selecting one that I felt filled my needs the best, I marched to a local bike store and placed an order for Kurt Kinetic Road Machine with the optional heavy flywheel.

So far I’ve had two standing start sessions. Everything works like a charm! I can hammer the 117″ gear as hard as I possibly can without the ever present concern of drivetrain failure I had with the LeMond! So far I have used the Kurt for starts only, mainly because I decided to keep the Revolution. This way I do not have to play with the gears and bike swaps. Now I’m always ready to go. As soon as I move on to SPP I will start the sprint training on Kurt also.

The only hick-up I’ve had so far is the slightly restless feel the setup occasionally has. Seems to me that the standard cone cups that attach the bike to the trainer are a bit shallow and small for track nuts and do not hold the bike as firmly as they should. This is by no means a show stopper, but to be on the safe side I have placed an order for the optional track nut cone cups.

So far so good. It seems I found a fix to the biggest problem I had last winter. I feel I now have the right set of tools to address the identified weaknesses and problem areas. Lets see how this all works out in the long run.


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