Learning from kilo splits

In my post First kil-l-o I summarized my first kilo ride this summer and laid out a plan for the ride in Nats. I think I was able to follow that plan, except for one important bullet point: Start like a bat out of hell. Feels like it is a good time to look back and think what happened in that race.

The below graph summarizes the 3 kilo rides I’ve done so far. These splits are hand timed from a video and therefore the data is not 100% accurate, but it is good enough for the big picture. So what does the big picture tell me?

  1. There’s no significant difference in my performance on the last 200m, even though my training has changed quite dramatically. It seems to me that my aerobic fitness is still good enough, even without all the miles on the road.
  2. The specialization has made me a lot stronger and faster. Also, the new setup builds on top of that and has worked out just as expected. Keeping the speed is easier than it was before.
  3. My first 200m is FREAKING SLOW!

If I have so much more power than the year before, then why on earth I was – am – such a slow starter? Why my acceleration takes so long, at least far longer than it should? The answer: Poor execution / technique. My power was ok but I was missing the application of power during the upstroke. This is the raw piece of sprinting you learn on your bike, riding your race gears (+-1), sprinting your guts out. That’s what I’ve been doing the past 4 weeks, three times a week, 10 at the time. I think I’m getting the hang of it. Again.

So for the next TT ride my goal is to take at least 1 second off from that starting section. One goal. I do not dare to call it simple.

Kilo split comparison


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