3T Aura vs. Pro Missile Drop

I will ride my next Kilo on 27th with the new Pro Missile TT bars. Meanwhile here’s a quick comparison of the old 3T Aura and the new Pro Missile, and the reasoning why I did the change.

3T Aura vs Pro MissileThe biggest issue I had with the Aura was the lack of drop. In the start I compensated the too high bullhorn by pulling and bending my arms, which in turn created a full list of other issues. In short I was wasting energy and power and therefore lacking acceleration and top speed. Ok, so why do I believe I’m better off with Pro? Let’s take a look at another picture.

3T Aura and Pro Missile, difference in dropIt does not get any clearer than this. Bullhorns of the Pro have about 65mm drop, Aura has none. The height of the arm pads in Aura is pretty easy to change with the spacer kit. Pro does not have that kind of flexibility, but then the question is should it? I used the spacer kit to get comfy, and that obviously also meant less aero. So, as in any case I need to get lower in the TT position, it does not matter much which bar I have. But for the first 200m I need to get lower. And this was the only way to do it.

There’s plenty of stems with different angles, that give a bit extra wiggle room in the setup. (As a side note: If you’re interested in how different stem lengths and angles change your setup check out the Habanero’s site on the subject.) I run the Aura bar with a 110mm stem, but the Pro’s horns are more forward so I need to shorten the stem a bit. A 90mm stem with 6 deg angle should do the job just fine.

July 26th will tell if and how the Pro Missile changed things for me.


3 thoughts on “3T Aura vs. Pro Missile Drop

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  2. I am looking to get lower on the start of my pursuit. I have exactly the same issue you described in your post. I currently run the Aura bars and am trying to decide whether to drop them lower and install the risers or go with the Pro or some other similar aero bar with more drop. I would appreciate an update on how this change worked out for you. Thanks!

    • Jane, the Pro was better but still a compromise. Since your primary interest is in the Pursuit, a good compromise could be all you need. After all the start does not play as big of a role there as it does in Kilo (or worse yet the 750TT).

      What makes this such a difficult task is the number of pieces that have to fit together. First you need to find a combination of stem (length and angle) and base bar that, combined with your head tube, places the bull horns to low enough to give max leverage for the start and acceleration. Then you need to figure out the aero setup. Not an easy equation.

      In order to have the maximum adjustability you either have to go with the top of the line product – which obviously will not be cheap (especially if you find it does not fit as well as you’d like!) – OR build one from piece parts.

      Gone through this vicious cycle twice already, I’m now inclined towards the cheapest possible solution. At the moment FSA’s Vision Trimax base bar with 60mm drop would seem like a sound option. That combined with Zipp Vuka clip-ons (which offers a nice variety of raisers) would give me a lot of setup possibilities to choose from.

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