“Squats don’t hurt your knees”

“…whatever you are doing there hurts your knees.” – Dan John

Those shims fixed it for me. I no longer need to tie my knees inside those tight wraps just to keep them in shape. It has been a great and pleasant surprise to realize that heavy no longer equals pain, agony and high risk of a serious injury, but something else. The weight stopped feeling “heavy”!

I have made a steady progress with my lifts after I started using those shims in my Adidas Ironworks. The pro version (done by an actual foot therapist) made them even better. I have a bit of right knee movement (sideways) when getting tired, but it is hard to say if that is because of the shim being a tad slim or simply getting tired.

Here’s a quick recap of my most recent gym sessions:

  • Last Saturday: I finished my warm up routine with a heavyish single with 205kg (raw) followed by works sets 3 x 5 @175kg eccentric raw squats. Then I had 3 x 5 @175 SL leg press eccentric (BTW: The eccentric lifts are MONEY!) and 3×5 easy RDLs.
  • Yesterday I was supposed to do heavy dead lifts but due to a little accident in the kitchen I had to do squats instead. So after warm up I did 4 progressive sets of raw 3’s with 5kg increments starting at 180kg. The last set with 195kg was still ok although I had to work to keep the form. Strong, fast lifts, all three.

Tired muscles? Yes, sure. Nagging pain in the knee, ITB or alike? None!!!

It has been quite a while since I enjoyed heavy lifts this much. So much that I cannot help wondering if that 2.4 x BW squat is in my reach (Sir Chris PB is 227,5kg)…


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