Dolan Pre Cursa… or cursed? Part IV, the aftermath

Here’s the latest of the Pre Cursa story

In my last update I told you about the new Dolan Pre Cursa geometry table that suddenly appeared on their web site. Here’s the new table.

Dolan PreCursa geometry tableThe changes are on the 56, 58 and 60cm frames, that are essentially one size bigger than they used to be. These changes happened on a paper. I feel there are few changes still required that Dolan has not yet realized.

I’ve been putting a lot of through on why this all happened. Dolan seems to have a fairly good customer service reputation. When listening or reading those stories they usually tell about a broken frame, wrong components, or something similar. I had the same experience with the Pre Cursa. The part issue I had was fixed in no-time.

This discussed problem is a very different animal. Nothing is broken yet you sell something that is not what you have promised. This problem grows with each sold product, until someone realizes there’s something wrong with it. The first reaction was silence. No-one paid attention to any of the numerous emails I sent describing the problem. Then I had a call that gave me hope this matter is taken care of and will be solved. Soon after it fell back in the denial. In the exchange with them the issue was first personalized – I was the problem. Then their denial turned into arrogance and threats, and finally silence.

So what next? The geometry table is updated. Dolan has still a bit of work to do as they need to improve their customer service. Bad. And I need a new sprint bike that I can compete with.


3 thoughts on “Dolan Pre Cursa… or cursed? Part IV, the aftermath

  1. Seems the geometry issue was not limited to Pre Cursa. Today Dolan has updated the geometry table at least on the FXE. Also, there is good reason to believe the Dolan Multi Cross (a.k.a. Multi X) geometry table has been recently updated. It is very different on Dolan’s site compared to ones found on places like The head tube and the effective top tube are now 20mm longer in the table on Sound familiar?

  2. Very interesting post. There are a number of these frames being sold on ebay and I’ve have second thoughts now. 🙂

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