Dolan Pre Cursa… or cursed? Part III

As many of you know I’ve been writing about this Pre Cursa case on the That story came to an end today. I got few comments but a whole bunch of readers. More than 700 of you read the forum and an equally humbling number paid a visit on this site. I’m so very thankful as that shows me there is an interest.

What happened then? One of my last posts to the discussion on Part II (my dialogue with Mr. Y) was the below. In the beginning I was commenting a post that suggested I should return the bike and claim my money from the credit card company. The rest is a response to an earlier post about why not just send them the bike and put it at rest. So here’s my reply:

That would be one option to study. But that does not fix the root cause.

As you’ve seen from the reply I got I was told I need to pay for the shipping and the insurance before this matter goes forward. I believe the main reason for this is that I live abroad and he knows it is not a cheap exercise, one that likely will never be reimbursed.

He keeps giving precise orders on how I should behave and strengthens his messages with “or else” type of ultimatums. How can a company behave like this? My answer is – because I’m but one guy from a country that has no reputation in track cycling. I’m no-one. So the easiest thing to do is try to scare a living crap out of me and hope I disappear. This is not the first time companies have tried something like this. Nor will it be the last. The SOGA gives a consumer a right to return a faulty product. That right lasts for 6 years. So I’m not the one who is or should be scared.

The Pre Cursa is probably the first bike for many young trackies out there, who need a budget tool to start the hobby. I think they have a right to get a product they paid for. Also, young new riders may be easy to immediate. I’m neither young nor easy to immediate. This matter needs an attention and it needs a fix.

If you think this is a worthy cause then please, support it the way you can and spread the word. This is the only way Dolan will understand they really have to listen to their customers.

They may think I’m alone in this, but I hope they are yet to realize is there are others.

Soon after this I realized both discussions disappeared from the forum. Then I got the below note from the moderator:

I have had to pull your thread because Mr. Y is taking legal action against you and VR does not want to get involved with your dispute

Please don’t start another thread on this subject as it will only be deleted, if you have a problem with this, discus with VR admin and/or Mr. Y diect please
thank you
Moderator Z

Is this real? The discussed poor customer service mentality and arrogance and hostility against customers with a faulty product now takes a whole new dimension. Censorship. Censorship people! Someone is putting a lot of effort in shutting this down.

And seems like I am about to get a call from a lawyer.


One thought on “Dolan Pre Cursa… or cursed? Part III

  1. Apparently I’m yet to receive the call from Dolan’s lawyer. What happened instead is that the company in all silence changed the Pre Cursa geometry table on their website I wish this update gets explained in some form of a public statement from the company. This would demonstrate they are trying to learn from this experience and improve the transparrency of their operations and the quality of customer services.

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